Happy Birthday to Hypatia of Alexandria, Cherry Hill Seminary’s Guardian Ancestor!

March 15 is International Hypatia Day. Read more about the woman who has become a sort of patron saint for people who love learning, libraries, justice, and free-thinking.

And if you are social-distancing, treat yourself to the movie Agora, available on several of the main media content sites.


Why We Need Pagan Spiritual Direction

by Rev. Amy Beltaine, M.Div.

Pagan stories and traditions describe the power that comes from the earth as magic. Indigenous traditions describe the power that arises from a tribe and ancestors as magic. Learning from myth and tradition gives us access to some of that magic power. In the stories and myths of our culture, magic, or super-powers, are usually accompanied by consequence. Each of us has a power, a gift, (or two or three) that we must share with the world. By using our gifts, we not only meet a need, it is also the only way we can live fully, authentically, our sacred selves.
Joseph Campbell says “If you can see your path laid out in front of you, it’s not your path. Your path you make with every step you take.” This reminds us that our path isn’t one that is obvious or given to us from the outside.  Read More