Help us end the year in the black!


We moved to a dedicated server this year – help us make up the difference in our budget!

Cherry Hill Seminary students and faculty across the country and beyond are serving their communities in ways we would not have imagined two decades ago: as group leaders, spiritual counselors, chaplains, hospice workers and first responders. Some are leading prison, CUUPS or Druid groups, some are teaching where they live, some are promoting harmony and better awareness of our spirituality through interfaith work, and some are adding to the body of research available to scholars.

It’s a challenge to be  prepared for such service – whether the expected duties of leadership, or the call for extraordinary responses when unexpected tragedy strikes. Cherry Hill Seminary is constantly reviewing our programs to be sure the education we offer will help you meet these challenges.

During our spring annual fundraising drive many of you gave generously to make sure CHS can keep on providing the strong support that’s needed in a changing Pagan world. We did not quite make our goal. You have let us know that you wanted CHS to stay open. Please help us end 2019 in healthy shape.

You’ve seen what we can do. Your turn to show us what you can do – give now!

If you want your gift to honor or memorialize someone, let us know the name and who to contact with a notification of your generosity.

We have already raised most of our 2019 goal. Will you make a gift or pledge to help us with the last $3,000?