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Scott Mohnkern

Scott Mohnkern, B.A., J.D.

Scott Mohnkern, founder of http://www.modernheathen.com began his computer training in 1979. While he has developed many skills, including dancer, musician, lawyer, teacher, and others, he has always been drawn back to the technical fields, particularly with respect to educational endeavors.

Scott’s technical background includes working for the University of Denver, owning his own Internet Service Provider, doing research and development on Video Conferencing, serving as a technology consultant for various companies, being director of education, and ultimately President of the Capital PC User Group. He is currently a System Administrator for the National Weather Service.

His spiritual upbringing was originally Methodist. Since that time he has migrated through various philosophies which ultimately brought him to heathenism, where he has been active for the last 11 years. He currently teaches courses about Asatru and Heathenism online, and provides instruction at pagan gatherings. He has been published the magazine “The Wyrd” and will also be published in an upcoming issue of Newwitch magazine. He is currently working on a book on modern heathen philosophy.

Scott received his B.A. from Beloit College in both International Relations and Music, and a Juris Doctor from the University of Denver College of Law. He currently resides with his wife and her partner, in Germantown, MD. [email protected]