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Please list ALL colleges you have attended by name, give address, date started to date finished, and any degree earned.
Have you ever been charged with a violation of the law which resulted in probation, community service, a jail sentence, or the revocation of suspension of your driver's license?
Have you ever been charged with or subject to disciplinary action for scholastic or any other type of misconduct at any educational institution?
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Maximum upload size: 3.15MB
I hereby certify that the above information provided by me is true and correct. I understand that if I misrepresent information or provide untruthful information, it can result in my acceptance to the Cherry Hill Seminary being declared null and void. I agree to abide by the rules and procedures of Cherry Hill Seminary. I hereby authorize any educational institutions which I have previously attended and officials of those institutions, to release academic, disciplinary, and any other records and to discuss these records with appropriate officials at Cherry Hill Seminary. I accept the right of Cherry Hill Seminary to exercise academic sanctions against me in the event that I fail to meet the academic standards established by Cherry Hill Seminary. Typing my name below acts as my signature.