Community Ministry Certificate

You are doing the hard work of serving your community – now earn your Community Ministry Certificate to fill in learning gaps and receive guidance towards your ministry goals.

15 month-long non-professional program introduces: Ethics; Pagan history and theology basics; Creating and leading ritual; Diversity & cultural understanding; Personal spiritual development; Serving people at various life stages; Group leadership; Family dynamics; Addictions; Domestic violence issues & more.

No live class meetings – all media presentations, readings, web resource links and written assignments in our online classroom, periodic meetings with an assigned Seminary faculty mentor. With good internet access you can do this from anywhere in the world, any time of the day, 24/7.

No degree required. Monthly automatic payment of $100. Those who successfully complete the 15-month mentored independent study may apply for ministerial credentials with Sacred Well Congregation. Click for more info

The competencies taught in the program will be invaluable for continuing my work with the Pagan community, improving my ministry which is focused on solitary Pagans, and beginning a lifelong journey of academic study and theological exploration. I am grateful to CHS and to my faculty mentor.

It has been an inspiring journey! And I enjoyed every bit of it! I am so thankful I found Cherry Hill Seminary to help me further my spiritual path! Thank you all!

The modules on chaplaincy and leadership have proved to be very useful for me as my initiating tradition didn’t cover those aspects of leadership.