Rhizomes Leadership Course Package

Rhizomes square 2inchRhizomes – (ri-zomz) horizontal underground stems that send out new roots and shoots; a philosophy of having multiple connections

Growing your group is hard work!  That’s why we’ve put together five practical courses on the real essentials.  A Rhizomes course will run every semester, year-round, so you can finish them all in a year.  Best of all, pay for five and get a huge discount ($295 total cost). Your group may purchase a Rhizomes package and then send a different person to each class, if you wish. Questions?

Pagan Public Relations
How do we, as Pagans, represent our group to the “outside” world? What is our working relationship with local city council, the police, the media, the schools, other religious leaders? How can we improve these relations and make our group a positive presence in our community, use social media effectively, reach those who are seeking us? In a day when messages flash across the country in nano seconds, communicate the message and create the image that most benefits your group. “You provide a priceless service to our community.”

Managing Conflict Creatively
Why do small groups implode and large ones lose their founding vision and alienate previously active members? Why do we and up with winners and losers in disagreements? There are ways to construct healthy solutions to conflict situations in our groups. Learn how to identify styles and the best techniques, while seeing conflict as a creative opportunity and a chance to develop win-win solutions. “Cherry Hill Seminary is one of the best things that has happened to the Pagan Community since mead.”

splashDec14Leading Like Water
Most of us were taught to lead and relate to others using the prevailing model, one that can create pain and confusion for individuals and promulgate abuse throughout society at all levels. “Leading Like Water” blends the ancient wisdom of The Tao with the powers of the little-known Queen Archetype. This revolutionary take on leadership is natural, powerful, and benefits all. “Leading Like Water” is for everyone, whether a public “leader” or not. This relationship shift enhances lives both personally and professionally, making families more joyful and careers more successful. Students completing the course are empowered to lead “for the good of all” more gracefully and powerfully in every setting. “My classmates, all of them are community leaders whether they think about themselves that way or not.”

RedbirdBeyond Bake Sales to Real Fundraising
Relationship-based fundraising is the method proven most effective for developing sustainability for your nonprofit or congregation. Learn the basics of creating a fund development plan, identifying prospects, year-round cultivation activities, how to ask for support, and what to do after the gift comes in. “I learned far more then I expected and left inspired for putting it into action!”

Real World Pagan Ethics
What does it mean to be an ethical magical practitioner? How can you tell if a teacher or coven leader has good boundaries? When we step into leadership, how can we make sure we are doing right by our communities? This course is designed to help clarify our internal ethical code, and then apply it to the areas of Community, Service, Ritual, and Leadership. The poet and philosopher M.C. Richards wrote, “It takes a golden ear to be empty enough of itself to hear clearly.” We will approach the formation of healthy, rigorous ethics and boundaries in the spirit of deep listening and open conversation, and follow where it leads.  Course meets online (Google Hangouts) on 4 Tuesday evenings. “I see why it is a requirement for all students!”   

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