Praise for CHS

I believe that Cherry Hill Seminary is one of the best things that has happened to the Pagan Community since mead. (CM, 2012)

I also want to reiterate, and I’m hesitant to say this because it sounds so ridiculously boastful, but the quality of this course truly exceeded my expectations. I graduated magna cum laude as a religious studies major in undergrad at a liberal arts college where I was being groomed to go to someplace like Union Theological Seminary or University of Chicago, or even Cambridge. My professors were from Oxford, Cambridge, University of Chicago, Duke, etc. I am very grateful to say that I know what a really good academic experience is. It is just an incredibly pleasant surprise that after just Google searching “Pagan seminary” I found an institution which is more than meeting my needs and desires as a seminarian. (SH, 2018)

This course was a wonderful educational experience. I feel that I grew a lot intellectually and spiritually through taking this course. (JW, 2016)

I wanted to send this note with a big THANK YOU to everyone at Cherry Hill. I’ve just started my CPE chaplaincy internship here at Carolinas Medical Center in Charlotte and want you to know how well prepared I feel as a result of Cherry Hill. The instruction, the texts we read, the projects and papers–I feel the education is on par with any other seminary out there. I confess I have internalized a little “Pagan inadequacy syndrome,” so to speak, but it is so affirming to realize that my seminary education has me just as prepared as those in my intern group who are or who have attended more mainstream/Christian institutions. Of course, it’s up to me to integrate and apply all I’ve learned, but I am definitely starting out with a great foundation. (WI, 2016)

In special thanks for your commitment to prison ministry. (MS, 2017)

Thank you so much for a wonderful educational experience in your class these past few months. I enjoyed it thoroughly and learned a lot in the process both from the material and from interacting with everyone. I am also encouraged that you and other folks at CHS appreciate the perspective I bring. It’s great to have found such an accepting community. (JW, 2017)

You may or may not be aware of the 7.1 Earthquake that hit Ridgecrest, California in July. The epicenter of that earthquake was on the military base where I work. [Y]ou jumped through hoops to be sure that I was able to take Military emphasis courses. Those classes paid off in a big way. For those in my world struggling with PTSD and those of us in fight, flight, or freeze mode because of the earthquakes. I wanted to say thank you so much and to let you know your efforts made a difference. (SH, 2019)

I just want both of you to know that yesterday my group did a ritual, lesson and spiral dance with the Fort Jackson circle. We loved it! Several soldiers came up to me privately afterwards and asked if I would bless their dog tags. [The military chaplaincy] fall classes helped me have the right nuance of language with these very young adults as they stand at the edge of the unknown. I’m so glad I had this experience with all of you because it made all the difference in the world yesterday. (HE, 2017)

You know, every month you send me a gracious message thanking me for my donation, and I don’t get around to responding. But I wanted to let you and the rest of Cherry Hill’s faculty and staff know that I consider it and honor and a privilege to give to the seminary. With each semester, I am impressed with what you offer your students, and with what you offer to Pagan community as a whole. So really, I am the one who should be saying “thank you” as well! (JP, 2013)

Thank you for this amazing opportunity to help our community build a thriving, strong, and enthusiastic culture of consent. My classmates and I feel much more able to go forwards in writing policy, offering workshops, and even shifting how we change intense rituals. Even/when accusations hit our community, I hope we will be better equipped to deal with them, while caring for the victims and protecting ourselves from a schism. (CP, 2018)