Real World Pagan Ethics

Ethics has been important in Pagan thought since the first writings by ancient poets and philosophers. As modern Pagans, we have an opportunity to shape our own traditions by clarifying those values and qualities that we seek to uphold as individuals and communities. Not only do we want to clarify our own values, but we must respond to the need to keep our communities safe and emotionally healthy. In this class we ask you to think about what it is you value and how to use those values in your ministry and community work. We will ponder not just the positive qualities inherent in personal and communal ethics, but the shadow side as well.

This self-directed course has no live meetings, so you can log in the web classroom for readings and assignments any time, anywhere in the world. Test yourself at the end with the online quiz. Classroom will always have an assigned faculty advisor to respond to assignments and discussions. You may also receive the group rate (below) if you register five individuals at once.

Special Note For Organizations: CHS can set up a private Real World Pagan Ethics classroom for your group of five or more. This allows your members to have discussions about sensitive topics, if desired. Again, a qualified faculty advisor will be present for supportive interaction and assignment responses.

$85 to register individual     $65 per person to register group of 5 or more