What Is Contemporary Paganism?

Learn about contemporary Pagan roots and the many traditions of Paganism today around the world.

Contemporary Paganism is widespread and far-flung, from British Wicca and European folk traditions, to American Druidry, Scandinavian Heathenry, Afro-Caribbean diaspora traditions, and reconstructionist movements. Become acquainted with the history of this (NRM) new religious movement and some of its more common expressions.

Week 1: History and Origins of Contemporary Paganism
Week 2: Contemporary Practices and Beliefs
Week 3:Selected Contemporary Pagan Traditions in the US and UK
Week 4:Selected Global Paganisms

This self-directed course has no live meetings, so you can log in the web classroom for readings and assignments any time, anywhere in the world. Test yourself at the end with the online quiz.

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