Spiritual Direction Certificate Program Overview

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Students are admitted into a cohort, with a minimum size of six persons. The program takes place over 24 months, includes live online meetings with lectures, discussion, and guest speakers, and covers the following content:

Core I

Continue personal theological formation and continuing spiritual growth. Review classics of contemplative spirituality, contemplation, and the mystics/Mystical and contemplative practices of contemporary and ancient religious and spiritual devotion: theology and practice. Introduction to tools for self-discovery and transformation such as Myers–Briggs Type Indicator and the Enneagram. Spiritual listening skill development. Learn about contemplative practices, such as Celtic, Desert, Natural, and Creation spiritualities. Explore the arts in spirituality, especially poetry, fairy tales, myth. Acquiring discernment skills and tools – Discernment in Spiritual Direction

Core II

Engage with scriptures (defined broadly) and spiritual direction. Grapple with Social vision and the spiritual life applying contemplative practices as a call to justice in our world, putting Spiritual Direction into contemporary social contexts. Building community – Spiritual Direction, Discerned Action and Social Transformation

Core III

Practicum in guiding a retreat with co-students. Group spiritual direction with co-students. Continuing exploration of your tradition’s theology and its relevance today. Jungian typology and psychology. Grasp the intricacies of transference and counter-transference, shadow and complex identification, Depth Psychology, Seminal ideas from Carl Jung’s teachings, and their application to the personal and spiritual growth process. Spirituality in our time, Spiritual literacy and interfaith awareness. Dream work, including the function of dreams, and how to use dream work with both individuals and groups, Jungian dream work

Core IV

Practicum in guiding a retreat with directees. Group spiritual direction with directees. Spiritual direction with the chronically ill and the dying. Developing a heart-centered business. Supervision and consultation.

Ethics and Boundaries
The CHS self-directed Insights Course is included in your program cost.

Second course of your own choosing
This may be taken at CHS or elsewhere at any time during the program.
There will be no charge for a CHS Insights course; a course taken elsewhere is at your own expense.

Introductory exposure to direction in dyads and triads in year 1. In Year 2 we will guide you in setting up your trial-practice, offering spiritual guidance to 3 persons.

Required Texts
The full reading list can be found on the Spiritual Direction Reading List page.

Spiritual direction
The effective and ethical practice of spiritual mentoring depends upon the caregiver’s own continual cultivation of emotional and spiritual resources, self-knowledge, and ability to use themselves for the care of others. Therefore students are required to receive monthly spiritual direction at their own expense throughout the course of the program. Either supervised group or individual spiritual direction meet this requirement. Referrals to spiritual mentors will be provided on request. Mentors must be approved by the program chair, therefore, if you are already in a spiritual mentoring relationship, please discuss with the program chair during your interview.


$100 tuition per month for 24 months. You will be billed on the 1st of each month.
The cost of the “second course of your own choosing.”
The cost of the spiritual director you meet with throughout the program (outside of CHS).

Time Commitment

Year 1:

2 class meetings per month*
3 hours per week outside class
1 virtual retreat per Core section (described above)
1 practicum of 1 hour/month with classmate(s)
Time you spend seeing a spiritual director 1 hour per month
Total of approximately 4 hours/week.

*The first Wednesday of the month from 5:00-6:00 PM ET will be our regular class time. (We will agree as a cohort on when to hold the other monthly meeting. At this time we are looking at Wednesday or Friday at 5:00 PM ET.)

Year 2:

All of the above, plus
Commitment to meeting with a spiritual direction supervisor 1 hour per month (4 times)
Practicum increases to one-hour meetings with 3 clients per month


Your application must be received by Feb 1.
Notification of admission will take place by Mar 1.
Billing for online payment will begin April 1.
Program cohort begins in early April each year.

Apply Now

Rev. Amy Beltaine, M.Div.

Our Spiritual Direction Certificate Program Chair and primary instructor is Rev. Amy Beltaine, M.Div. Amy is a graduate of Unitarian Universalist Meadville Lombard School for the Ministry, Amy is a professional Spiritual Director and Supervisor, serving on the coordinating committee of the UU Spiritual Directors’ Network, and recent President of the Covenant of UU Pagans. Click to learn more about her.