Financial Information

Tuition and Fees

Current tuition rates are listed here.  Costs are subject to change at any time, but students will be charged only for costs listed online at the time of registration for each term. Registration fees are the same whether auditing a course or receiving credit.  Alumni who have earned their degree may take courses for credit at a 30% discount off tuition. Tuition and fees must be paid in full before certificates and/or degrees are conferred or transcripts provided.


Students may drop courses with no academic penalty if a request is made in writing (by email to the office, [email protected]) by midnight of the Drop/Add date listed in the online calendar (normally one week after the start of classes). Tuition for courses dropped by the Drop/Add date will be refunded at 85%, less the merchant’s fee charged by any processing agent. For example:

Tuition paid: $570.00
85% of tuition: $484.50
Less merchant fee: $11.40
Net refund to student: $473.10

No refunds are given for the Community Ministry Certificate since students pay per month and may stop payments at any time.

Refunds may be applied to the next term’s tuition, if requested.  Refunds will be issued no later than 30 days from written notice of cancellation by student. Courses dropped after the Drop/Add date will not be refunded.

Student Loans

Cherry Hill Seminary does not offer student loan services.


As a very small institution with limited resources, Cherry Hill Seminary as yet has no designated scholarship fund. On occasion, we offer the opportunity to apply for a one-course scholarship. We send that information to all on our email list.

Tuition Installment Payments