The Art and Craft of Sacred Speech: Homiletics M5900

Pagan clergy, as all clergy, are called to speak to, for and about the religious community. An exploration of authentic preaching as a ministry of exhortation, encouragement, teaching and working with energies always present in ritual, we aim to cultivate these ministries and the individual gifts of the preacher. Emphasis is placed on identity, presence, as well as the power of story within narrative and nonnarrative preaching. Explore the preparation and delivery of messages in sacred context and the understanding of what it means to speak and proclaim truth from an authentic sense of the community’s values that inspires, edifies, and challenges others.

Professor: Erica Baron M.Div.
Required Books: Breathing, Awareness, and Joy by Carol Fox Prescott. Available at
Class Meeting: Mondays, 7:00 PM ET
Class Begins: September 7, 2020 (end of semester Dec 13)

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