Fall 2021 Courses

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Fall Semester runs from August 23 through December 5 and is open to anyone who wishes to take a class – please email us for more information.

Graduate-level courses

We pride ourselves on being an academic and spiritual community, focused on the development of both practical and intuitive skills. Your journey begins here with Fall Semester courses!

Pagan Theology C5141
Core required course
Instructor: Robert Patrick, PhD
Class Meetings: Every other Saturday, 12:00 PM ET

Sexuality, Culture and Religion P6700
Department of Pastoral Counseling and Chaplaincy
Instructor: Shane Nelson, MDiv
Class Meetings: Thursdays, 8:00 PM ET

Indigenous Religion & Culture T6475
Department of Theology & Religious History
Instructor: Stacy Brooks, PhD
Class Meetings: Mondays, 8:00 PM ET

Insights courses

Insights courses are four weeks, topic-focused and open to the general public without application for admission to Cherry Hill Seminary.

Archetypal Imagery I
Instructor: Angela Chamberlain, MA
Course Dates: Oct 4 – Oct 31
Class Meetings: Sundays, 5:00 PM ET

Oshun, Oya, and Yemaya: Exploring the Feminine Faces of the 7 African Powers
Instructor: Heaven Walker, MA
Course Dates: Oct 4 – Oct 31
Class Meetings: Wednesdays, 8:00 PM ET

Raising Pagan
Instructor: Elizabeth Watkin, MA
Course Dates: Nov 8 – Dec 5
Class Meetings: Wednesdays, 7:00 PM ET

Environmentalism in Pagan Practice
Instructor: Kristal Barrywood, MA
Course Dates: Nov 8 – Dec 5
Class Meetings: Tuesdays, 8:00 PM ET

Archeology and Ritual
Instructor: Vicki Rourke, MA
Course Dates: postponed to a future semester