Real World Pagan Ethics

Insights 2 – June 15 – July 12

Course Title: Real World Pagan Ethics
Instructor: Anne Hill, Ph.D.
Class Description: What does it mean to be an ethical magical practitioner? How can you tell if a teacher or coven leader has good boundaries? When we step into leadership how can we make sure we are doing right by our communities? This course is designed to help clarify our internal values and ethics and apply it to community and leadership. We will approach the discussion of ethics and boundaries in the spirit of deep listening and thoughtfulness. Week 1 addresses what we value. Week 2 addresses Community Ethics. Week 3 addresses leadership and boundaries. Week 4 addresses A Personal Code of Ethics.
Required Reading: Make An Ethical Difference: Tools for Better Action by Mark Pastin.  Barrett-Koehler Publishers, 2013
Class Meetings:  Wednesdays 8:00 pm ET
Class Begins:  Monday June 15

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