Western Esotericism

Course Title:  T5560 History of Western Esotericism, Wicca and Contemporary Paganism
Professor: Deirdre Sommerlad-Rogers, Ph.D.
Class Description: This course surveys the history and theology of Western esotericism and contemporary Paganism, including the Golden Dawn, Theosophy, Thelema, Wicca, and the flowering of contemporary Pagan traditions. Considers the defining characteristics of esotericism, historical influences on the development of contemporary Pagan traditions, and current controversies in historical interpretation.
Required Reading: Goodrick-Clarke, N. The Western Esoteric Traditions: A Historical Introduction. Oxford University Press, 2008.
Class Meetings: Mondays 9:00 pm ET
Class Begins
 Monday May 18, 2020

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