News Releases

Tribute | Wendy Griffin 1941-2021

As Cherry Hill Seminary’s first permanent Academic Dean, Wendy brought a dedication to academic integrity and a devotion to Pagan and Nature Spirituality. Read More.

“Paganism and Its Discontents: Enduring Problems of Racialized Identity”

Cherry Hill Seminary announces the release of “Paganism and Its Discontents: Enduring Problems of Racialized Identity”, a volume containing papers presented at a 2019 symposium by the same name, plus a preface by sociologist Helen S. Berger. Read More.

Aline O’Brien Awarded Honorary Degree In Recognition of Lifetime Achievement and Service

Aline O’Brien, also known as M. Macha NightMare, has been awarded a Master of Divinity, honoris causa (honorary) by Cherry Hill Seminary in recognition of her many years of service and leadership to the Seminary. Read More.

Healing & Justice

Cherry Hill Seminary deplores the murders which took place in New Zealand last Friday, in Pittsburgh before that, and so many more senseless tragedies before those. Let us follow the example of New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern. Read More.