Cherry Hill Seminary Saddened by Violence in Boston

For Immediate Release

April 17, 2013

Contact: Holli Emore, 888-503-4131, [email protected]

COLUMBIA, S.C. – Cherry Hill Seminary is saddened by the violence of Monday’s bombing at the Boston Marathon.

Trustee Aline “Macha” O’Brien stated, “Our hearts go out to those directly affected by the explosions, as well as to everyone else who was there, to all the runners of the world, and to the good people of Boston. The pain of such terrible loss crosses all boundaries and unites us in our resolve not to be intimidated by such cowardly acts.”

“Although our students study and train to minister effectively in times of crisis,” said Executive Director Holli Emore, “we hope for a future in which fear no longer erodes the bonds of community.”

“We who honor and walk the sacred path of the Earth and all of Her children mourn the tragic events surrounding the bombing in Boston. We feel the violence done to the Earth and to her children as well as to the possibility of peace and well-being that belongs to all of the Earth. We extend our own community’s work for healing, peace, justice and support to the Boston community and all who were harmed in anyway by this attack,” said Bob Patrick, Chair, Department of Ministry, Advocacy and Leadership.

And from Valentine McKay-Riddell, Chair, Department of Pagan Community Education, “If we stand together for peace, patience, understanding, and support of both the victims and even the perpetrators (because even the most vicious acts of violence are usually catalyzed by deep suffering on some level, and Goddess knows there’s been far too much of that lately!), we will eventually midwife the birth of a new and more compassionate world.”

The students, faculty and staff extend sincere condolences to the survivors and to the families and loved ones of those killed in the attack.

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