CHS Accepting Scholarship Applications Now to Jan 3

For Immediate Release:  December 27, 2013

Contact: Holli Emore, [email protected]

COLUMBIA, S.C – Cherry Hill Seminary is now accepting applications for Spring 2014 semester course scholarships.

Thanks to the generosity of donors who gave nearly $4,300 during a fall drive, the “Bow Tie Campaign,” Cherry Hill Seminary will award:

1 master’s class to each of 2 different students
1 certificate class to each of 2 different students
1 Rhizomes package of 5 classes to 1 student or group
(plus, 1 full Pagan Life Academy series to a previously-selected recipient.)

Applicants for a master’s or certificate class scholarship must be existing CHS students who have taken a class in the past 18 months.  Applicants for the Rhizomes package may be new to CHS, and may be an individual, or a group, e.g., a CUUPS group or ADF grove.  A Rhizomes package may be awarded to either an individual or to a group. If the group applies, then the same individual need not attend each of the 5 four-week classes. The Rhizomes course series will be staggered throughout 2014.

Academic Dean Wendy Griffin, Ph.D., noted that the Rhizomes group of four-week courses was designed specifically to strengthen Pagan communities and leadership skills.  “This is a marvelous opportunity for a person or group who have been wishing they could try a CHS course,” said Griffin.

Deadline for applications is midnight (Pacific Time) on Friday, January 3, 2014.  Notifications will go out by Friday, January 10, 2014.

Apply here.  For more information about all CHS programs, visit Cherry Hill Seminary online.