Proclamation In Honor of Wendy Griffin


In Honor of Wendy Griffin
Presented by The Board of Directors

WHEREAS Dr. Griffin

Recognized the value of a professional educational program to serve the unique needs of students desiring to learn about Pagan and other Earth-Based Spiritualities and to serve those communities;

Offered her profound expertise and experience to shape a graduate program which could be presented successfully for formal accreditation;

Showed vision for the future of Cherry Hill Seminary through a generous endowment gift;

Supported her Cherry Hill Seminary colleagues and students in every way she was asked for these past ninety-five months, earning their deep admiration and full trust;

Demonstrated exceptional commitment to the organization by serving a full seven years as Academic Dean, far beyond her original three-year term;

Remained dedicated to standards of academic integrity even in times of shifting public opinion;

Exemplified resilience, fortitude and faith in the importance of Cherry Hill Seminary to the world; and

In all of her work as Academic Dean, shared wisdom, compassion, and the accumulated expertise of her career in academia, without reservation;

BE IT RESOLVED, that the Board of Directors of Cherry Hill Seminary do proclaim on this 26th day of January, 2018 the appointment of Dr. Griffin as Academic Dean Emerita.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, Cherry Hill Seminary will preserve a copy of this PROCLAMATION for posterity, making it a part of the Seminary permanent record.

January 27, 2018