Seeking: Academic Dean

Academic Dean: Cherry Hill Seminary

(posted 07-10-21)


Oversees the development of new courses and programs, ensuring that these are in accordance with the seminary’s mission, vision, and goals.

Oversees course scheduling for upcoming semesters, including working with department chairs to ensure required courses are offered as needed.

Reviews the overall quality of programs, ensures that courses comply with assessment goals, and guarantees the quality of the overall faculty and student experience.

Receives student and teacher evaluations, compiles data from them, and responds as appropriate.

Oversees faculty performance.

Participates in the student admissions review process.

Approves hiring and firing of all faculty.

Approves hiring and firing of academic support staff.

Responds to academic concerns raised by faculty or staff.

Supervises department chairs and reviews their work for compliance with seminary policies and procedures.

May teach or co-teach classes.

Allocates resources for department chairs and faculty.

Reports to the executive director.

Student Concerns

Makes final decisions regarding transfer credits, grade or credit appeals, and other academic matters.

Monitors students= academic status and progress, and responds accordingly.

Responds to academic concerns initiated by students.

Administrative Activities

Manages or delegates day-to-day administration of all academic aspects of seminary operations.

Collaborates with other administrative staff.

Reviews seminary policies and procedures. Oversees their modification, when needed, to conform to contemporary best practice standards.

Communicates regularly with faculty, students and staff regarding academic issues.

May serve as liaison and academic representative on committees charged with policy development, accreditation, and other initiatives.

Maintains personal currency with the fields of Pagan scholarship, graduate distance education, and academic administration.


An earned terminal degree in a relevant area.

Leadership experience in an accredited institution of higher learning.

Demonstrated leadership in the Pagan community.

Demonstrated strong problem-solving skills.

Strong written, spoken, and electronic communication skills.

Understanding of distance education processes and technology.


Approximately ten hours per week, flexible time.


This is a volunteer position and no monetary compensation is offered at the time of this agreement.

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