Course Withdrawal Request

Please read before completing the form below.

Students may withdraw from a course during the first 30 calendar days of the term by e-mailing both the instructor and the CHS office ([email protected]). The student will receive a grade of W, which has no effect on the student’s grade-point average. After the 30th day of the term, withdrawing students will receive a grade of W annotated with the grade they have earned up to the point where their participation ended. The student’s grade point average will be unaffected.

Faculty members and instructors should inform their Department Chair and the CHS office whenever a student withdraws from their classes.

Students who do not withdraw, but who fail to complete minimum required work in a course, will receive a grade of N, or “not acceptable.”

After four withdrawals a master’s or certificate student must meet with the Dean of Students or department chair for academic counseling before registering for class again.

An emergency exemption may be granted in the event of a death in the immediate family, severe illness, natural disaster, military deployment, or other circumstances. The student is responsible for contacting her or his department chair, the Dean of Students, or the CHS office to request an emergency exemption, which will be reported as a grade of I and will have no effect on the student’s GPA. Community Ministry Certificate students, please see the program description for policy.

Course Withdrawal Request