Introduction to Spiritual Mentoring (G)

Instructor: Rev. Amy Beltaine, MDiv.
Course Dates: March 16 – April 12
Class meetings: Monday, 8PM ET/12AM GMT (1 hour)
Credit: Earns .5 (one-half) credit towards a master’s degree

Course Description: For those considering a profession as a spiritual guide. This course is based in part on the instructor’s two-year training course for professional spiritual directors. Learn from the teachings of psychologists, religious leaders, and mystics. Explore the impact of temperament and psychological type on spiritual growth.  Experience spiritual practices to nurture your relationship with the holy. Delve into the growth and acquisition of spiritual wisdom, noting the stages, pitfalls, remedies, and rewards, as well as the importance of sharing the spiritual journey, especially during times of crisis. Explore ethical considerations for spiritual helpers and learn about further training options.

Required texts:
Spiritual Direction 101: The Basics of Spiritual Guidance, by Teresa Blythe (available as ebook and paperback), Other readings will be provided electronically in the online classroom.
Prerequisite: None, Soul Work: Spiritual Formation is recommended

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