Pastoral Counseling

P5102: Pastoral Counseling

Instructor: David Oringderff, Ph.D. Shane Nelson, MA

Class Description: Pastoral counseling is a unique form of counseling which uses spiritual resources as well as psychological understanding for healing and growth. It is provided by certified pastoral counselors, who are not only mental health professionals but who have also had in-depth religious and/or theological training. In this course we will explore the opportunities and limits of Pagan pastoral counseling, what it is and what it is not.  We will trace the history of pastoral counseling as distinguished from psychotherapy, pastoral care, chaplaincy and spiritual guidance. We will address professional issues and develop a Pagan perspective to pastoral counseling.

Required Reading:
Townshend, L. Introduction to Pastoral Counseling.  Nashville, TN: Abingdon Press, 2009.
Harrow, J. Spiritual Mentoring: A Pagan Guide. Toronto, Ontario: ECW Press (2002).
Ivey, Kay and Zaloquett, Intentional Interviewing and Counseling: Facilitating Client Development in a Multicultural Society (2014)

Recommended Reading:
Lawrence, Raymond J. Recovery of Soul: A History and Memoir of the Clinical Pastoral Movement, 8th ed. New York: CPSP Press (2017)

Class Meeting: Tuesday 6:00 pm EST
Class Begins: January 20, 2020

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